About Rajesh Hamal

Drum rolls for our host, Mr. Rajesh Hamal!

After months of anticipation, eager television viewers will soon get to see the talented star of a tall personable stature present Ko Banchha Crorepati.

Rajesh Hamal, considered a national icon and prominent media figure, is an actor, activist, producer and director. The “Maha Nayak” of Nepali film industry has been actively delivering for almost three decades. His natural craze among the film audience has propelled him ahead of his time right from the start of his career in 1991. Since then, he has appeared in over 300 national and international films.

Rajesh Hamal was born on 9 June, 1964 in Tansen, Palpa. One of the most celebrated media stars, he is also a treasured public figure of Nepal. He has a remarkable following among the Nepalese community thanks to his distinctive style and a charismatic persona.