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Who Becomes a Millionaire: Terms and Conditions

The technical terms used here mean:
a. “Rules” means the rules and guidelines to be followed by the users of the official website or mobile app of Millionaire Nepal.

B. ‘Services’ means the benefits or intellectual services that users of a website or mobile app (hereinafter referred to as the site as a whole) receive here.

C. This will apply to all users.

By running this mobile application and website, you will understand that you have agreed to the following policy rules.

1. Services
From our site and services you will find information about who becomes a millionaire. The Nepali version of the international franchise “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” has started in Nepal for the first time. Here you can play many intellectual games and answer and IQ questions and you can win prizes accordingly.

You must be at least 16 years old to be a qualified user or have signed up for parental advice.

3. Additional terms
We also have additional services mentioned above. These services also have detailed terms.

4. Acceptable Use
of the Site and the Services You will be responsible and liable for the use of the Site and the Services and for all use of the Services through your account. Here are the things to keep in mind when using the service:

(A) Not to be done contrary to the Constitution of Nepal and the prevailing law:
(b) Intellectual property of any other person: Copyright: Not to be infringed upon privacy:
(c) Any other person or entity including any material, photo or personal contact information of others without our permission. Also not to send, distribute, post or submit information

(D) Not to say anything that is illegal, abusive, harassing, damaging to reputation, obscene, unfamiliar, obscene, hateful, racist, or otherwise offensive.

(E) Do not send unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements or commercial content, such as spam; Do not transmit any malicious code or computer virus;

(F) do not stockpile, abuse, or harm another person;

(G) Do not create your fake identity:

(H) Web pages on the site should not be “scrape,” “crawl,” or “spider” (Entrepreneurial KBC may grant access to the site to public search engine users and exercise its privilege in such general or special cases);

(I) Harmful to the site: Unwanted interference using artificiality beyond human capacity:

(J) Do not use more than one account related to KBC Nepal, do not give access to any person other than:

(K) No KBC logo, site or any part of the site shall be printed, photocopied or transferred without written consent.

(L) Non-public access to KBC’s site: Do not even attempt to access KBC’s computer or software system:

(E) No attempt should be made to test, scan, or block any KBC system or network vulnerabilities:

(E) To protect the Site or the Services, any technical measure applied by KBC or its service providers or any other third party (including another user) shall not otherwise be deemed to be such as to bypass, remove, deactivate:

(O) Do not attempt to reverse the decision, demerit or engineer any software used to provide the Site or the Services:

(T) Finally, do not force any third party to violate the above rules. KBC will investigate and prosecute any of the above violations to the fullest extent of Nepal law. KBC may join and assist with the rights granted by law to users who violate these Terms. You acknowledge that KBC has no obligation to review or edit your access to or use of the Site or Services or any User Content. But reserves the right to do so for the purpose of operating the site or service to ensure your coordination. These terms, or the prevailing law or the order or requirement of the court, administrative body, or other government body shall be complied with. KBC deems it in its sole discretion to remove or disable access to any content on the Site at any time, without prior notice, in violation of these Terms.

5. User
Content All content and information you post will be treated as ownership or sharing (“User Content”) using the Site’s services. You will be deemed to have given permission to KBC to use your user content. Allows your users to use, copy or display content related to the KBC site or service. We may view your user content on your user content or pages and display it in advertisements and we may use your user content to advertise and promote sites, or services produced by KBC and KBC.

You may use the User Content for your own purposes or others may use the User Content for your purposes. Our License is fully-paid and royalty-free for your User Content, in this sense we do not deny interest in your use of User Content. We can exercise our rights anywhere in the world.
Finally, our license is global, which means that our license lasts indefinitely. User Content does not infringe on intellectual property rights, the right to privacy, the right to publicity, or any other legal right of any third party. We can accept or reject any user content. We may remove User Content from the Site or Services at any time for any reason.

6. In addition to proprietary
user content, we will also own the content on the site, software, text, visual, and audio content and KBC copyright to its logo and its brand aspects. Other provisions in this regard shall be in accordance with the law of Nepal and the law relating to talukdar intellectual property and the prevailing international law. Except as mentioned and provided here, our copyright is protected in accordance with the prevailing law.

7. Copyright policy

Copyright infringement notice:
We respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you feel that the User Content or any of your intellectual property rights have been infringed upon, please let us know in the email below.

For the complaint to be effective, the notice must include the following:
a) Information about the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed,

B) a representative list of such copyrighted works if they contain the same information;

C) Properly identify the infringing material and information. Find related content on the KBC Nepal site or service.

D) Provide us your information to contact you. Such as address, telephone number, and e-mail address if available;

E) You are entitled to the disputed copyrighted property, not enforced by its agency or law, i.e. if your statement, complaint, is based on suspicion, your information is accurate and you are the copyright entitled or authorized or copyrighted person. If you are the heir to act on behalf of the owner; Make a formal complaint with your handwritten or even electronic signature.

Upon notification of a copyright claim, we may immediately remove the identified content from the Site and Services without liability.

Regarding counter-notification of alleged user or defendant

If we remove your content due to a suspicion of copyright infringement, you may respond to the claim infringement by sending a text message by e-mail or by sending it to the following agency. That written notice should include the following:

A) your handwritten or electronic signature;

B) The location of the deleted content is identified or where access is blocked

C) a statement of yours where you claim that the material was kept in good faith or was removed as a result of a mistake or in the act of misinformation;
D) Your name, address, and telephone number, and the statement where you must have consented to the jurisdiction of the district court of the district concerned, and the address where you acknowledge the process from the person providing the copyright infringement, or even the carrier of such person.

Please e-mail all notices of the above copyright infringement to the following authorities at our office, the address to which the claim infringement notification will be sent:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Please do not send emails for your information regarding incidents other than copyright infringement in this email.

8. Privacy Policy
We look forward to respecting and protecting your privacy. If interested here we will provide our privacy policy where we have developed a code of conduct for the collection, storage and use of information.

9. Third party content and interactive
sites or services may have features that may link to you or link you to third parties. KBC has left this matter free to include websites, directories, servers, networks, systems, information or databases, applications, software, programs, products or services, and the Internet in general. You may interact with networks or individuals through sites and services. Before you talk to or connect with these third parties, check them yourself. You agree that KBC Nepal is not responsible for any loss resulting from any transaction. It is understood that you agree that KBC Nepal will not be involved in disputes between users of the site or services or third parties.

10. Links
may not be linked to other websites on our website or app. Others may not be allowed to share our link. If there is a third party link here, we are not immune to it or we are not affiliated with it. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by third party links or web penetration. If you want to access a third party website, it is recommended to enter only by looking at its conditional service policy.

12. Changes to sites and services
KBC will continue to refine and update the site. Such changes may occur without the user’s knowledge or information.

13. End

We reserve the right not to provide or disconnect any user. Or we may terminate or terminate the service of any user contrary to our wishes at any time. However, even if the terms and conditions are violated, the affiliation here will end immediately.

OF OUR LIABILITY You are operating this site at your own risk and responsibility. The site’s services are provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. KBC, SRBN Media, its employees, agents or affiliates shall not be liable for any warranty or additional service (including non-infringement of commercial service, special services) except as provided by applicable law.

In particular, KBC and its affiliates do not represent responsible for the authenticity or completeness of the content contained on the Site. We will not take responsibility for any recommendation or content available on the site except the limitations.

We will not engage in the following obligations:
(a) Weakness, error, or ambiguity in content:

(B) Loss of access to the site (if any):

(C) In case of unauthorized access to personal or financial information:

(D) In ​​case of any technical interruption in the service of the site:

(E) If any virus is transmitted through the site:

(F) If any activity or content through the Site or Services is damaged as a post, e-mail, transfer, or other use, or if there is a risk of damage of any kind:

KBC and its employees shall not be responsible for any third party products or services other than those of our Service, Site or other Services, other Linked Websites or other surveying, recommending, advertising or proposed services.

You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users. You should understand that KBC has not performed user background checks or screenings or any other security checks for users. For KBC we can take user data as required for user or backdrop. KBC will not place any representations or warranties with clients or with any current or future clients or personal trainers.

You agree that the risk or harm of downloading or accepting any Content or Information using the Site or Server will be a matter of your own immunity. NO WARRANTIES OF ANY WARRANTIES WILL BE CREATED BY THESE TERMS AND INFORMATION WITH YOU OR YOU WILL RECEIVE FROM KBC OR THE SITE OR SERVERS.

To the extent certified by applicable law, neither the KBC nor its affiliates shall be given credibility due to any subject matter of any direct, special, serial, or additional damages liability. Reserves for loss of revenue, profits, additional benefits, usage, data, or other unusual damages (including those where the potential loss may be known or should be known) or related to the Site or Server or these Terms. However, our responsibility will not remain.

Some of our jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties or the limitation or exclusion of liability for partial or consequential damages. As such, the above limitations and certain points of rejection do not apply to you. The scope, duration and extent of the liability of KBC to limit the refusal of any warranty as subject to the prevailing law shall be limited to the minimum allowed by such law.

15. Immunity
You will be deemed to have agreed to stand with the Millionaire Management or to insure for it, to stand up to the KBC in the face of obstacles, claims, damages, damages, and charges (including those charges if prosecuted). Which includes the following areas:

(A) By agreeing to any information (including your user information) with you or yourself on our site and services:

(B) in relation to you or any person accessing our app or site using your account;

(C) In case of violation of the above mentioned terms and conditions by you or your account:

(D) infringes upon the rights of any third party, including intellectual property, confidentiality, involuntary disclosure, and loss of property by using you or your account:

You will have to pay the compensation or the penalty yourself or help us to pay, unless we are initially required to do so ourselves.

16. Mediation
By accessing or using our site or services, you will agree to the following:

A) Any or all disputes you raise, or any claim against KBC or its affiliates, any terms of service or regulation, or arbitration shall be resolved by final and binding arbitration by specifying the scope of this agreement or the applicant’s precedent specifically based on the rules. The proceedings shall be in accordance with the prevailing law of Nepal and the Constitution of Nepal and shall be determined by the sole arbitrator.

(B) The decision of the arbitrator in any arbitration shall be final and binding on the parties and may apply to any court of competent jurisdiction. The parties agree that arbitration may be kept confidential and that no part of it or the issue may be disclosed outside the arbitration proceedings except during the implementation process, although the necessary transparency may be maintained under applicable law. If you think that the cost of arbitration is less than the cost of legal proceedings, we will pay the administrative costs and the amount of the arbitrator’s costs from the arbitration services to the arbitrator’s fees as required for the arbitrator’s fees.

Finally, the arbitrator in arbitration may evaluate the cost and the arbitration of the parties will be considered reasonable.

This mediation agreement does not prevent the federal, provincial, or local governments from seeking a solution. You and I also have the right to take common claims to court. In addition, you and I shall be deemed to have reserved the right to apply to any court of jurisdiction for justice under the provision, including the initial prohibition on pre-arbitration. The proceedings shall not, for any reason, be deemed inconsistent with these Terms, nor shall disputes arising out of the terms of the Obligation of Rights be mediated.

Neither you nor we can act as class representatives or private prosecutors in relation to any of the claims, nor can claimants participate as class members. The arbitrator can decide only your personal claim and that of KBC. The arbitrator cannot cover or include the claims of other persons or parties, no matter where they may be. If for any reason we have to make a claim in court rather than arbitration, both parties will be prepared accordingly. This condition will limit certain rights, such as the right to court proceedings, the right to collective representation, except as set forth in the rules mentioned above. If any provision of this section is found to be invalid or invalid, that specific provision shall not be interrupted by any force or effect. But it will remain in effect for the rest of the section. These Terms will continue to apply until the end of your relationship with KBC.

17. Other provisions
The Organizer (KBC Nepal) will not be liable under any circumstances if these services are completely or partially disrupted except under logical control or control. Regulations and conditions made in accordance with the prevailing Nepali law or taluk laws are in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations made by the Government of Nepal. You agree that any dispute or obstruction arising out of or relating to this Site, App, or our Services and Terms will be subject to the jurisdiction of the District Court or the Supreme Court of Kathmandu in the event of mutual agreement or in accordance with the law. If our terms and conditions and services are in conflict with the prevailing Nepali law, implementation will not be possible. Even if we fail to implement these provisions, there will be no impediment to their implementation. In accordance with the law, we will be able to transfer, buy and sell rights based on these provisions.

18. Terms can be changed by the
organizer. However, any change in terms or conditions will be reported on the site. These new or changed terms and conditions will apply from the date of republishing. Your continued use of the User means that you agree with the reprinted or altered terms and conditions.